How Is The Recruitment Market Changing – The Rise Of The Specialist Independent Recruiter?

Increased redundancies, reduced numbers of vacancies, vast numbers of candidates. Could The Independent Specialist Recruiter be the answer?


From August 2020 employers will be expected to pay 25% of their furloughed workers wages. This will sadly increase the number of redundancies and any company looking for candidates to fill roles will be absolutely inundated with applicants – not all of them qualified.

On the one hand for those organisations recruiting – AWESOME! But on the other hand for those Resourcing teams – how on earth are they going to get through that many applications sensibly to find the right candidate and offer some semblance of a decent candidate experience?

Yes – of course there are the usual ATS systems to filter out candidates who fit with the algorithms. They have the right number of key words in their CV! However, we all know that these are not necessarily the answer.  So many candidates drop through the holes with these.

Yes – of course there are some excellent and committed in house resourcing teams who go through applications diligently and carefully – but with the very best will in the world this isn’t always possible.  I might add that this is not a criticism of these teams – it’s just a reality! I am a pretty good recruiter – but would I be comfortable trying to recruit a Java Script specialist? Probably not – as I don’t really know enough about it.  I’d learn if I had to, but if I have several very different and varied roles to recruit for – would I have the time?

I would urge In House Resourcing teams at this time to consider looking to the independent specialist recruitment agencies who can really add value. We know our candidate bases really well, we understand the nuances and intricacies of our market areas and we’ll be able very quickly and easily to find the RIGHT person for your role.  Now more than ever – you NEED the RIGHT person in any role.  AND we really care – both about the candidate and the client – both are as important as each other to us.  Really good agencies are not interested in getting any old bum on the seat – we want the RIGHT bum on the seat! Those placements last, they work! – it means you might use us again! Specialist Agencies thrive on repeat business. We LOVE creating strong working relationships with our clients. We know who will work in each role and who is culturally aligned. Organisations who don’t fill critical roles with the right candidates will struggle in the new normal.

You won’t regret getting a really good small independent agency in to help you recruit. It will save time and money in the long run.

At CX Talent Ltd we offer the opposite of a ‘volume game’ – we have a real understanding of our candidates’ experience and career aspirations, and we provide our clients with a carefully curated shortlist of excellent people for consideration.

For all Customer Experience and customer related roles – please contact us at CX Talent Ltd – we’d love to get involved!


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