Thinking About Advertising Your Job Vacancy? Have You Thought About Contacting A Recruitment Specialist?

Arise the Independent Recruitment Specialist Agencies!


Increased redundancies, reduced numbers of vacancies, vast numbers of candidates. Could The Independent Specialist Recruiter be the answer?


Every day the number of people asking for help to find work increases. Every day I see more of the the little green strapline on people’s pictures indicating that they are available for work. We know that the number of candidates is rising faster than the number of job vacancies. We were expecting for the numbers to rise coming towards the end of June as from August 2020 employers will be expected to pay 25% of their furloughed workers wages and the furlough scheme itself will be finishing at the end of Oct. This will sadly increase the number of redundancies and any company looking for candidates to fill roles will be absolutely inundated with applicants – not all of them qualified.


So if you are recruiting  in house – on the one hand – AWESOME, so many candidates to choose from! But on the other hand for those Resourcing teams – how on earth are you going to get through that many applications sensibly to find the right candidate and offer some semblance of a decent candidate experience? We’ve heard constantly how dissatisfied candidates are with their recruitment experiences at the hands of agencies and in house resourcing teams – so couldn’t this be the time to make things better? Shouldn’t we be looking to put in place future plans to ensure that this critical business area that is so broken starts to function better? Better recruitment means better employee engagement, means better employees, means better retention – means better Customer Experience as the employee has bought into the business and wants to do the very best that they can for the business. This all starts with the Hiring Process!


Wouldn’t it be marvellous that instead of people sighing at the thought of recruiting new members of their team – they felt excitement and anticipation? Could we ever get to this point? I wonder whether recruitment and recruitment processes are at a critical point now. Just like with those organisations who have thrived in the pandemic – pivoting their offering to suit the needs of the customer. Recruitment needs to step up too! A large number of Independent Recruitment Agencies have continued to function during lockdown – offering help and advice to candidates who need support and help in trying to find their next role whilst trying to keep the business going despite recruitment freezes. CX Talent Ltd has continued to run – we know that a large number of our candidates are and hopefully will become our clients. We want the experience of dealing with us to be a partnership – a good experience for all. We are not unique! There are lots of specialist agencies in other fields – just like us who behave with integrity and want to do the right thing by both the candidate and the client.


I would urge In House Resourcing teams at this time to consider looking to the independent specialist recruitment agencies who can really add value – please look beyond the PSL. We know our candidate bases really well, we understand the nuances and intricacies of our market areas and we’ll be able very quickly and easily to find the RIGHT person for your role. Do you need to know benchmark salaries? Don’t use the job boards – talk to a specialist agency, get an accurate picture. Do you need a very senior candidate in a specialist field? – why talk to the Executive Headhunters – why not just go to the Specialist Agencies – they know who the movers and shakers are without having to research it! Now more than ever – you NEED the RIGHT person in any role.  AND Independent Specialist Agencies really care – both about the candidate and the client – both are as important as each other to us.  Really good agencies are not interested in getting any old bum on the seat – we want the RIGHT bum on the seat! Those placements last, they work! – it means you might use us again! Specialist Agencies thrive on repeat business. We LOVE creating strong working relationships with our clients. We know who will work in each role and who is culturally aligned – we can keep an eye on taken coming through and create your talent benches for you!! I do feel that organisations who don’t fill critical roles with the right candidates will struggle in the new normal.


You won’t regret getting a really good small independent agency in to help you recruit. It will save time and money in the long run – we might even make recruitment better, cleaner more enjoyable! Shouldn’t that be the aim?!


At CX Talent Ltd we offer the opposite of a ‘volume game’ – we have a real understanding of our candidates’ experience and career aspirations, and we provide our clients with a carefully curated shortlist of excellent people for consideration.


For all Customer Experience and customer related roles – please contact us at CX Talent Ltd – we’d love to get involved!