Great Feedback!

One of the loveliest of things about working CX Talent Ltd is that we get to speak to and help people in their careers. Not all of our conversations result in people leaving their current positions. Today I was sent one of the nicest messages I have ever received and the person who sent it has kindly allowed me to post it here:

‘I am still not actively looking to move from my current role. The reason I am writing is to tell you that our conversation helped me better understand my value on the market and get more from my current role.

After our chat I realised I want more and I deserve more than I had at the time, both financially as responsibility wise. You gave me the confidence to go an pursue that. So, between the chat with you and a plan put together with my mentor (another amazing lady) I’ve asked for more and I got it… more money, more training, the prospect of managing my own team (I only managed interns before).

If it weren’t for you I don’t know how long it would have taken me to ask for what I wanted or if I would have ended up changing company instead of negotiating with the current one (which I still love).

Although I always fight to make the customer’s voice heard, I don’t always have the courage to make my own voice heard.

Anyways … just wanted to Thank you! and let you know that maybe without even planning it you had a positive influence in my life.

Hope you have a lovely day! And please stay in touch:)’

I can honestly say that this has made my week, month, year! What is wonderful is that this individual has had the confidence to ask their present employers to progress and is going to stay and develop their career further in an organisation they love.

Employees want to feel valued, want to be grown and developed.

Hang on to your best people, help them grow and develop. Pay them their market worth (irrespective of whether they’ve been with you forever!) – or you may find that they get snapped up by someone else!

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