Are you a Contractor?

Are you a Contractor? With the cost of living crisis and the rather gloomy prospects for the economy – might you be thinking about going perm? OR is this the perfect time to be a contractor / freelance as you can just work on specific business critical projects. I am really interested in hear your thoughts.

At CX Talent Ltd we have quite a few roles on at the moment where we need permanent people. These roles – (where the Contractor market is particularly strong) are in UX, Service Design and Product Design. Our Clients are keen to bring in permanent staff as they are really keen on continuity rather than a constant change in personnel.

What are your thoughts? Stay Contracting or think about Perm? We are really interested to hear!

Whatever your thoughts – Kate Baird and Jo van Riemsdijk are keen to hear from you! Especially if you are ready for your next move!

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