😲 ‘There are over 300 applicants for some jobs!’ 😲

❓ Candidates often ask me what the point is – applying for roles when there are so many applicants in the system already?!

✅ If it is your perfect job, if you are well suited to the role – in terms of your experience and skill set – you SHOULD go for it!

❓ Why? Will it be a waste of my time?

✅ It’s absolutely not a waste of time BUT you MUST make sure you really tailor your CV to that role. It does not matter if you are the first or last person to apply for a role. What does matter is that you are CLEARLY the right fit! Make it easy for Resourcing teams to understand why you are the best person for the role!

✅Don’t assume they understand all the areas of your job that they’ve been asked to recruit for.

✅Don’t assume they will read your CV from cover to cover.

💡 If you are one of those Resourcing people – having to sift through hundreds of probably very unaligned CVs – consider reaching out to a Specialist Customer focused Agency. We don’t need to sift through endless CVs – as we have access to an enormous and growing database of relevant and brilliant candidates who are both active and passive.

💡 All we need is a detailed briefing and an agreement on fees and we will have a shortlist to you in a very short space of time, freeing you up to work on all those other roles!

CX Talent Ltd is a specialist recruitment agency focused on Customer Experience, Transformation, Digital Experience and Service Design roles. With over a decade of experience recruiting in this area we are a trusted partner committed to delivering results.

Get in touch with Kate Baird or myself to discuss your recruitment requirements.

🌟 If you are looking for a new role in Customer Experience, you’ll be spending quite a lot of time looking at job descriptions for jobs that are actually about delivering something completely different.

❓ It might be Customer Service, Contact Centre Management, Operations, Digital Transformation, UX….. all great, but probably not exactly what you are looking for.

🌟🌟Don’t forget – the same thing will be happening to the recruiter – they’ll be reviewing and rejecting lots of CVs that aren’t what they are looking for. It’s really important to make sure that it is EASY to see from your CV that your experience is right for the role.

❓❓How to do this?

▶ Make sure your profile section emphasises successes aligned to the role goals
▶ Use a key skills section to bullet point EXACTLY the experience needed
▶ Add quantifiable detail in the professional experience section to support this
▶ Use your real world expertise in an achievements section to draw attention to your ability to own your expertise – any awards, published work, judging panels etc all goes here.

🌟🌟🌟🌟If you are a recruiter – you can avoid this altogether by using a specialist agency who understands CX and will provide you with a brilliantly screened shortlist of excellent candidates! (Get in touch with me or Jo at CX Talent Ltd!!)

If you are a candidate in this space, you MUST spend the time tailoring your CV for the role.

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UX Designers, UX Researchers, Service Designers, Digital Product Designers and Owners. Are you thinking of your next move? Are you considering taking a permanent role over the course of the next few months as the economic outlook is so bumpy?!

If so – please get in touch with Jo van Riemsdijk or Kate Baird. We’ve got some gorgeous perm roles for UX Designers, Service Designers, Product Design Leads and a whole lot more! We’d love to hear from you!

CX Professionals – not forgetting about you either – we are always delighted to hear from any CX professionals either looking to expand their team or looking for your next move.

Get in touch today!

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Are you a Contractor? With the cost of living crisis and the rather gloomy prospects for the economy – might you be thinking about going perm? OR is this the perfect time to be a contractor / freelance as you can just work on specific business critical projects. I am really interested in hear your thoughts.

At CX Talent Ltd we have quite a few roles on at the moment where we need permanent people. These roles – (where the Contractor market is particularly strong) are in UX, Service Design and Product Design. Our Clients are keen to bring in permanent staff as they are really keen on continuity rather than a constant change in personnel.

What are your thoughts? Stay Contracting or think about Perm? We are really interested to hear!

Whatever your thoughts – Kate Baird and Jo van Riemsdijk are keen to hear from you! Especially if you are ready for your next move!

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An Eggciting array of jobs for you this side of Easter from CX Talent Ltd.

🐣Product and Customer Experience Director – I year FTC. London to £140K
🐣Product Design Lead – London. Agency to £90K
🐣Partnerships Manager – Financial Services – Loyalty to £55K
🐣Partnerships Manager – Travel – Loyalty to £55K
🐣Membership Experience Manager – Private Members Club – London to £55K
🐣VoC Manager – Medallia experience required – to £65K London X2
🐣Service Designers to £75K both in house and agency London
🐣Senior UX Designer – Agency – London to £85K
🐣CX Account Director – Agency – London to £85K
🐣Midweight UX designers – Agency – London. Permanent
🐣Senior CX Service Designers – Financial Services – £90K x 2

We’ve got plenty more to come – so if you are thinking about making a move in 2022 – do get in touch and speak to Kate Baird or myself.

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One of the loveliest of things about working CX Talent Ltd is that we get to speak to and help people in their careers. Not all of our conversations result in people leaving their current positions. Today I was sent one of the nicest messages I have ever received and the person who sent it has kindly allowed me to post it here:

‘I am still not actively looking to move from my current role. The reason I am writing is to tell you that our conversation helped me better understand my value on the market and get more from my current role.

After our chat I realised I want more and I deserve more than I had at the time, both financially as responsibility wise. You gave me the confidence to go an pursue that. So, between the chat with you and a plan put together with my mentor (another amazing lady) I’ve asked for more and I got it… more money, more training, the prospect of managing my own team (I only managed interns before).

If it weren’t for you I don’t know how long it would have taken me to ask for what I wanted or if I would have ended up changing company instead of negotiating with the current one (which I still love).

Although I always fight to make the customer’s voice heard, I don’t always have the courage to make my own voice heard.

Anyways … just wanted to Thank you! and let you know that maybe without even planning it you had a positive influence in my life.

Hope you have a lovely day! And please stay in touch:)’

I can honestly say that this has made my week, month, year! What is wonderful is that this individual has had the confidence to ask their present employers to progress and is going to stay and develop their career further in an organisation they love.

Employees want to feel valued, want to be grown and developed.

Hang on to your best people, help them grow and develop. Pay them their market worth (irrespective of whether they’ve been with you forever!) – or you may find that they get snapped up by someone else!

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A last post from me until after Half Term. Kate Baird and I have lots of fab roles for you CX Talent Ltd. Here is a current Valentines inspired list – these are all UK based (sorry been dying to use the heart emoji). There are NO 100% remote roles amongst this list.

❤️Head of Customer Experience and Delivery – e-commerce and retail experience £95K – London.

❤️Interim Head of Customer Experience – utilities and infrastructure. 18-24 months – £135K – Midlands

❤️Senior Service Designer – circa £70K. Reading, London, Scotland

❤️Customer Experience Manager – 6 month FTC £65K London

❤️Head of Customer Experience – Real Estate – circa £90K London

❤️Customer Experience Manager – Read Estate – circa £60K London

❤️Continuous Improvement / Customer Journey Manager – circa £50K Manchester

❤️Experience Strategy Director – London – Agency circa £75K

❤️Product Design Lead – London – Agency circa £90K

❤️Customer Experience Manager – 9 month FTC London circa £50K

❤️Senior UX Designers – London – circa £85K – Agency

❤️Service Designer – London – circa £70K – Agency

❤️CX Service Manager – London – circa £65K – Agency

❤️CX Lead – London – circa £85K – Agency

❤️Senior / Lead UI Designers – circa £85K – Agency

❤️CX Lead Account Manager – circa £85K – Agency

If you are interested in any of the above – please get in touch with Kate Baird or myself.

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Before we leave you for the Christmas Break 🎄🎁 ⭐❄️☃️ – here is a round-up of our current roles. We’ve got a gorgeous and exciting selection of roles and clients so have a read and get in touch with Kate Baird or myself if you are interested in having a chat about any of them in the New Year:

🎄Platform Delivery Director – London based for fabulous Digital Creative Agency. Salary to £110K

🎄Head of Customer Experience – extensive European Travel. E-commerce experience essential! to £110K X 2

🎄Head of Customer Experience – FINTECH. Startup experience useful and digital experience a must. to £90K with share options

🎄Group Head of Customer Experience Training. London based, very L&D heavy rather than CX heavy. A real combo of the two. New and very exciting role. Some travel required. Ideally some start-up experience or experience in very fast paced environment to £115K

🎄Customer Experience Manager – London based. For e-commerce company. MUST be able to work in fast paced agile environment. Lots of career potential in this one, loads of future opportunities. to £50K

🎄Customer Support Centre Manager – Guernsey. Would require relocation to the Island. Only 20% tax!! Beautiful place and way of life! This client is transforming their Customer Support Centre and needs someone with brilliant and relevant experience. Salary and package tbc.

🎄Digital Experience Manager – REMOTE. Can be based anywhere at all in the UK. To £70K. Ideally experience using Magento.

🎄Voice of the Customer Manager – Surrey. Only 1 day per week in the office required. £55-65K

🎄Customer Insight Manager – 6 month FTC. Financial Services. Can be remote to £55K

🎄Senior Service Designers X 2 – to £75K plus exceptional benefits. Financial Services client. Can be London, Reading, Edinburgh or Sterling or within easy commuting of them.

🎄Service Designer – to £45K. Fantastic London based Digital agency.

🎄Customer Loyalty Marketing Manager to £75K. West Midlands. Membership and subscription marketing managers – this is also open to you!

🎄UX Designers of all levels – we have a constant stream of roles coming in, please get in touch!!

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and Brilliant 2022! May your Christmas be Merry and Bright!

jovr@cxtalent.co.uk, kateb@cxtalent.co.uk

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❓Are you recruiting right now?

❓Are you finding it difficult to secure the right talent?

❓Are you starting the process and finding that candidates are dropping off as they accept offers elsewhere?

🙋Recruitment is happening right now at an unprecedented pace!

🙋If you are looking to secure the best person – you need to streamline and speed up your recruitment processes.

🙋Candidates are being snapped up by those working quickly!

But working quickly to secure the candidate is not enough right now!


In this market – just because you have worked at pace to secure a candidate does not mean that is the job done! If your ideal candidate is on a 3 month notice period – that is 12 weeks for some of those other opportunities they may have been considering to come calling again with potentially better offers! Please do not sit back and allow this to happen! 🥺

Organisations who have a strong onboarding culture can start to engage new employees immediately and keep in touch with them throughout their notice period to make them feel part of the team before they even step foot in the door (either in person or virtually). 😊

Please dont leave this to chance or you will find candidates taking other opportunities – leaving you high and dry! 🏃💨

For all CX recruitment requirements get in touch with myself jovr@cxtalent.co.uk or Kate Baird kateb@cxtalent.co.uk

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Flexible working – what is it really worth to you?? 🌟🌺👭🐶🧘💰

There are actually very few truly remote working options out there – especially in the world of customer experience, where much of what we do really benefits from face to face interactions.

But, most employers are offering a flexible model now, with 2 or 3 days a week in the office the most seen option.

For a lot of people this represents a huge benefit in terms of both work/life balance and money – but WORK IT OUT. Salaries are not going up across all sectors with many employers still citing a difficult 18 months, so think about the bigger picture around the value of the package being offered.

Give us a call at CX Talent Ltd if you are looking for new talent in your CX team and want to know what you can do to attract the best, or just to have a chat about the market in general!

kateb@cxtalent.co.uk or jovr@cxtalent.co.uk

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