A glossary of Customer Experience terms

In the word of Customer Experience a great deal of acronyms, expressions and terms are used, which to the uninitiated can be rather bewildering. In most cases the people who send us the job briefs at CX Talent Ltd are from an HR and resourcing background and we felt it would be helpful to provide an explanation of terms to make interpreting a brief and finding the ideal candidate just a little bit easier.

If you’d like to download a copy of the Glossary, please click here for a downloadable pdf version.

If we’ve missed any out, please do get in touch and we will keep updating the list. You can also download your own copy of our Glossary from this page.


As IsDescribes current position of brand
BEBrand Equity
CBTCustomer Benefit Tracker
CEFCustomer Experience Framework
CIContinuous Improvement
CISCustomer Information System
CMSContent Management System
CRMCustomer Relationship Management
CsatCustomer Satisfaction
CXCustomer Experience
FLSFront Line Staff
IVRInteractive Voice Response
LTVLife Time Value
MIMarket Intelligence
MoTMoment of Truth
NPSNet Promoter Score
PoDPoint of Desire
PoPPoint of Pain
RCARoot Cause Analysis
RoCReturn on Customer
To BeWhere the vision takes the brand
TOMTarget Operating Model
UXUser Experience (online)
VoCVoice of the Customer


AdvocateCustomer who promotes a brand
AttributesDescribe what matters and how customers
CharterCX commitments to customers
ChurnWhen customers leave
DetractorCustomer who openly criticises
EffortMeasure similar to Csat or NPS
EngagementCustomer connection to brand
Emo-driverCustomer’s emotional driver
CouncilSenior forum to assess progress
Journey MapsShow how customers engage
DashboardTop line view of CX performance
Ob-boardingInitiating stakeholders in CX
PassivesCustomers who are ambivalent
PrinciplesWorkable version of attributes
PromotersCustomers who openly support
Root CauseThe reason creating an issue
SentimentReasons in customer feedback
StakeholdersThose impacted by CX
Text AnalyticsAuto audio & text learning tool
Touch PointWhere customer engages with brand, e.g. web
TransactionalPurchase triggered interaction
VerbatimFreehand customer feedback

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