Instinctively empathetic, and utterly unflappable, we don’t harass and are
100% straightforward, honest and transparent.

We understand why you’re looking at our site. You want to know if and how we can help you. Making the decision to expand a business by hiring is a big one and you want to ensure that you’re finding the perfect person to precisely fit the needs of your growing company.

What’s different about us is that we bring is an extraordinary understanding of the CX industry. We’re the only independent recruitment agency currently specialising in CX. Plus, because we’re the sole owners of the business, we have no ulterior motives in what we’re looking to achieve.

We’re utterly honest and we don’t play tricks. Of course, we want to get the best deal for everyone but we don’t and won’t bump up salaries for our commission. We know what drives talent. Of course money talks, but actually flexibility is an increasingly important element and other factors all make a difference. We want to get the best deal for both sides – what matters to us is finding the right people for the right roles.

We frequently work with hiring managers to help write the job descriptions to fill the positions they so urgently need to appoint – to ensure that they’re finding someone who will be able to hit the ground running wherever the company is in its journey.

Because we understand that every single role is different, we don’t offer a blanket one-size-fits-all solution. What we do is take time to really listen and understand the client. We ask questions to precisely pinpoint the brief and the ideal candidate. Moreover because we are specialists in the field we are often able to advise clients in the early hiring phase preventing costly mistakes. This reduces unnecessary interviews, saving time all round.

We can deal with every eventuality from one-off placements or contract solutions to building whole teams. We have a substantial and rapidly growing candidate base which ranges from junior levels via Customer Experience Director right up to Chief Customer Officer.

During the recruitment process it’s so important to maintain momentum. We ensure that there are visible timelines agreed at each stage so that both clients and candidates know what to expect. We provide initial feedback on CVs, explain the likely time until first interview and we endeavour to stick to the timetables to manage expectation and create higher levels of engagement.

Crucially, we don’t stop until we’ve found the right placement for both client and candidate – our business model now runs on the fact that we please both parties so well, they regularly come back to us for help in the future.

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