The Magic Hour

The Magic Hour

The Magic Hour is a coaching session offering a practical package of help and support for YOU.

The session covers –

  • An in-depth look at your CV with specific advice and suggestions
  • An in-depth look at LinkedIn with specific advice on your profile, and general advice for maximising your ‘find-ability’
  • A discussion around your specific goals and how to approach them
  • Detailed advice on how recruitment currently works
  • Actionable, practical advice on your job search
  • A follow up review of your amended CV and profile

Our advice is supportive, constructive and up to date, and is relevant for job seekers in all sectors. We’ve been successfully coaching candidates into new roles for over 8 years across many different sectors and scales of businesses in the UK and globally – we are kind, transparent and have a genuine interest in helping people.

A Magic Hour coaching session costs £150 including VAT.

Here’s what some of our Clients have said:

“Kate and Jo, you both had such great insights to share. Thank you – invaluable advice! I am most grateful!”

“It was really great to speak with you yesterday, I found the conversation, tips and guidance extremely useful and it has given me the boost and motivation to focus my efforts in a constructive and disciplined way to search and secure that new opportunity which is out there somewhere for me!”

“The session itself was great, and I fine-tuned my CVs and the LinkedIn profile accordingly. The conversation has also built the confidence I needed for focusing on new roles.”

“It was very insightful, and exactly what I was looking for.”

“I highly recommend CX Talent Ltd. First-class advice that help me shape my search, CV and LinkedIn profile to get the exciting job I wanted”

“The practical advice, hints and tips Jo shared with me recently were invaluable… sometimes just the inside knowledge of how the recruitment model works, combined with useful, actionable critique on CV’s and covering letters is just what’s needed to get your head in the right place… I would thoroughly recommend Jo and Kate at CX Talent!”

“Thanks, it was brilliant, and very insightful” 

“….spending time with CX Talent Ltd on the Do’s & Don’ts re job searching has given me a thoroughly refreshed attitude. Overnight I am much happier with my CV profile and content than I’ve been for years! I loved our chat re utilising strengths/career goals and advice as to next steps.

It really does get your head on straight in these difficult times”

“When I was recently made redundant I found myself out of work and looking for a new job/career, something I hadn’t done for nearly 15 years!  My LinkedIn had some content, but was about 5 years out of date and the only CV I had was written for a tentative job offer of about the same time.  Not having been in the job market for a long time, I didn’t know where to start.  Jo really helped review my LinkedIn profile and helped me put a CV together.  Having the perspective of someone who has hired as well as recruits really helped me extract what I wanted potential employees to understand about me.  Highlighting how to tailor my CV for the jobs I wanted to apply for.  More than that though, Jo was really easy to talk to, ask advice of and generally help me understand the recruitment process”

“Speaking with Kate and Jo has been invaluable in understanding how to best position myself in the job market. Really deep diving into my CV and Linkedin profile has placed me in a much more confident position regarding any future job hunt! Kate and Jo have a wealth of amazing experience and they chat with you openly and honestly, a great team to have in your corner”

“The session itself was great, and I fine-tuned my CVs and the LinkedIn profile accordingly. The conversation has also built the confidence I needed for focusing on new roles”