Onboarding Must Be Taken More Seriously

❓Are you recruiting right now?

❓Are you finding it difficult to secure the right talent?

❓Are you starting the process and finding that candidates are dropping off as they accept offers elsewhere?

🙋Recruitment is happening right now at an unprecedented pace!

🙋If you are looking to secure the best person – you need to streamline and speed up your recruitment processes.

🙋Candidates are being snapped up by those working quickly!

But working quickly to secure the candidate is not enough right now!


In this market – just because you have worked at pace to secure a candidate does not mean that is the job done! If your ideal candidate is on a 3 month notice period – that is 12 weeks for some of those other opportunities they may have been considering to come calling again with potentially better offers! Please do not sit back and allow this to happen! 🥺

Organisations who have a strong onboarding culture can start to engage new employees immediately and keep in touch with them throughout their notice period to make them feel part of the team before they even step foot in the door (either in person or virtually). 😊

Please dont leave this to chance or you will find candidates taking other opportunities – leaving you high and dry! 🏃💨

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