There are over 300 applicants for some currently advertised jobs!

😲 ‘There are over 300 applicants for some jobs!’ 😲

❓ Candidates often ask me what the point is – applying for roles when there are so many applicants in the system already?!

✅ If it is your perfect job, if you are well suited to the role – in terms of your experience and skill set – you SHOULD go for it!

❓ Why? Will it be a waste of my time?

✅ It’s absolutely not a waste of time BUT you MUST make sure you really tailor your CV to that role. It does not matter if you are the first or last person to apply for a role. What does matter is that you are CLEARLY the right fit! Make it easy for Resourcing teams to understand why you are the best person for the role!

✅Don’t assume they understand all the areas of your job that they’ve been asked to recruit for.

✅Don’t assume they will read your CV from cover to cover.

💡 If you are one of those Resourcing people – having to sift through hundreds of probably very unaligned CVs – consider reaching out to a Specialist Customer focused Agency. We don’t need to sift through endless CVs – as we have access to an enormous and growing database of relevant and brilliant candidates who are both active and passive.

💡 All we need is a detailed briefing and an agreement on fees and we will have a shortlist to you in a very short space of time, freeing you up to work on all those other roles!

CX Talent Ltd is a specialist recruitment agency focused on Customer Experience, Transformation, Digital Experience and Service Design roles. With over a decade of experience recruiting in this area we are a trusted partner committed to delivering results.

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